In her spare time, Kyleen Cane volunteers for an organization called Angel Flight West. Angel Flight’s primary mission focuses on arranging free air travel for individuals with serious medical conditions, allowing those patients to receive the medical attention they need. This perfectly combines Kyleen’s hobby of flying with her desire to help those in need. Most recently, she picked up a woman with stage four breast cancer and took her back to her home in Utah after having extensive medical treatment. This particular experience was especially moving for Kyleen and reminded her why she loves doing this. She was able to talk with the woman for a while and learned about her family, her experiences in life, and her battle with cancer.

Kyleen also volunteers at her local Salvation Army, where she serves meals and works with children in the after-school program. Her favorite part is helping the kids with their homework and playing games with them once they finish!

Aside from volunteering, Kyleen is also a generous supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She strongly believes in finding better ways to treat and hopefully cure Type 1 diabetes.

Kylene is passionate about giving back to her community and hopes to help people succeed so that they can one day pay it forward.