Lawyer Kyleen Cane holds licenses to practice in California, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, and the United States Tax Court. She is also a California and Nevada real estate broker. After she attended high school in Hawaii, Cane traveled to California in order to study economics at the University of California, Irvine, where she earned a flawless 4.0 GPA. Afterwards, Kyleen Cane began studying law at the University of Southern California School of Law in Los Angeles, where she graduated in the top five percent of her class and earned multiple scholarships. She also served as a Clerk for Justice Thompson of the California Court of Appeals. 

After graduating, Kyleen Cane became an Associate with the Law Firm of Goodsill Anderson & Quinn, spending a year with the Honolulu-based firm. She then began a career as an instructor, serving as a Professor of Business Law and Real Estate at the University of Hawaii College of Business, where she was eventually tenured. Other teaching positions have included Western State University School of Law and Whittier College School of Law. Kyleen Cane and her partner opened the law firm of Wellman & Cane in Newport Beach, which offered legal services for eight years. Cane also functioned as the CEO of Tele-Lawyer, Inc., leaving the position in 2003.

Kyleen Cane now operates as Managing Partner at Cane Clark LLP. Based in Las Vegas, Cane Clark LLP is a boutique firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs. With lawyers ready to practice in five states and the nation’s capital, the firm focuses on areas including periodic reporting, public offerings, private equity, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate and securities law. A member of the State Bar of Nevada, Cane also serves as Chairman of the association’s Technology Section. 

In addition to her legal career, Kyleen Cane enjoys the freedom that her pilot’s license brings her. Having flown more than 850 hours in the last 5 years, Cane has the experience necessary to contribute to the nonprofit Angel Flight West, which connects pilots with individuals in need of medical care. Recently, Kyleen Cane provided transportation for a woman stranded in San Diego after receiving treatment for breast cancer. The woman wanted to return to her home in Utah but could not afford the airfare.