Las Vegas, January 9, 2017 – The Lions HealthFirst Foundation announced it will be honoring Kyleen Cane during a dinner to be held at the Casa Di Amore restaurant on Tuesday, January 17th, at 6 PM.

Cane will be recognized for her many contributions to service programs managed by Lions Clubs and the Lions HealthFirst Foundation in Las Vegas Nevada..

As a friend of Lions HealthFirst, Cane helps provide transportation to Nevadans in need, including: Air transportation in conjunction with the Angel Flight West organization; ground transportation to and from the Lions Medical Imaging Center operated by the Lions HealthFirst Foundation; and, her generous cash contributions to the Foundation to help pay for preventative health screenings for early detection of signs of stroke, cancer and heart disease.

Over the past 5 years, Cane has rendered assistance to over 128 Nevadans, including numerous air transports using her privately owned plane and 88 Nevadan ground transportations using her private vehicles and has provided legal assistance to a number of Lions regarding estate planning and other legal issues.

Cane is a licensed, practicing attorney, a private pilot and owner of a private airplane, and a long time resident of Las Vegas Nevada.

The award will be given by James Bartel, co-founder and Executive Director of Lions HealthFirst Foundation.

Currently, in southern Nevada, Lions is the only provider of free to low cost medical screening services of its kind and has provided preventive screening services to over 1,500 local Lions Club members and the local senior community.

The dinner will be open to Lions Club members and there will be limited seating for members of the public for a donation of $100, payable to Lions HealthFirst Foundation, a 501(C)(3) IRS approved organization.

For more information call 702-739-6430 and ask for James Bartel.

There are 45 Lions Clubs, with over 480 active members in the Las Vegas area. Our Lions members wish to thank everyone who has contributed to this important work.