Los Angeles California – For the past 10 years, Attorney Kyleen Cane has volunteered among various non-profit organizations that provided some support to the needs of indigent patient’s needing assistance in obtaining wrongfully denied medical benefits and related services.  It is not an area of law which is widely covered by attorneys, like personal injury or divorce, and not even something that is covered by most non-profit legal aids, but in the age of Obama Care, attorney Cane has seen an increasing need among indigents being mistakenly or intentionally denied medical services or coverage.  So she decided it was time to establish a non-profit free clinic focused around providing such services free of charge to those in need.

“People, especially in rural areas, are being denied access to needed medical care even when they have insurance.  The problem is more widespread than previously believed.” Said Jack Cooper, an emergency room specialist and former insurance executive.

As counsel to numerous health care and biotechnology companies, Kyleen Cane has worked tirelessly in her free time for patient’s rights, especially for those who cannot defend themselves.  This problem has not subsided in the age of Obama care or even with changes in the Medicare laws.

Ms. Cane may be the first to open such a clinic, funded with her own money and time.  She also appears to be one of few attorneys to provide services in this area.

“I enjoy helping others and health care happens to be something I have an interest.” Said Kyleen Cane. “It would obviously be easier if insurance companies didn’t just deny valid medical services as a matter of course.  Everyone deserves basic decent health care and if opening a clinic can help provide it, then I am happy to do so.”

Ms. Cane promises to provide regular updates on the clinic’s activities and special services for indigent patients in need.

Courtney Plum, Online News Reporting Services